This is a few of my food heroes, those people that always get me inspired to get into the kitchen and try new things. That

The Food Busker (aka John Quilter) – his videos are just a pleasure to watch and the kind of food he cooks is just right up my alley. What not to like?

Jan Hedh – the Mary Berry of Sweden, he has the best recipes for all the classics. I met him at Gastro Nord a couple of years ago and he is just the nicest person that takes time to talk to me about sourdoughs and raisins for 30 min at a busy trade show.

The Happy Pear – they could be on this list only for the way my heart skips a beat when they say “goooooey”, but the fact they cook in a way I’ve never tried before always gets me inspired to try new, probably healthier ways of cooking/eating.

SORTEDfood – four British guys cooking everything from ramen to hot-dog battles in costumes. They don’t take themselves to seriously and they make food fun. Been a member on their website for quite a while and that whats got me into blogging.

Mathias Dahlgren – chef at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, with three Guide Michelin stars. He wrote my favorite book to get inspiration from “the natural kitchen”, its an amazing book not just about food but all other things around it, the meetings, the adventures and the pleasures.

(pictures from google)

Who do you get inspired by? Who are your food-heroes?


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  1. polianthus says:

    Hey there what a beautiful blog -don’t know any of the people you mention! however, you are missing someone, in my humble opinion, Swedish food star Markus Samuelson – he has an amazing ability to combine flavours in a way that blow my mined – check out his cookbook aqua – Poli


    1. Oh, check them out, they cook fantastic things! and I really love Marcus Samuelsson as well, he is an amazing chef!

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      1. polianthus says:

        will check them out, already love the photos and the names – and of course you know samuelsson, how could it be otherwise 🙂


      2. Haha, its a small country 😉 actually met him a couple of years ago at a trade show, he is really nice 🙂

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      3. polianthus says:

        !!!!! I know – lucky you – I imagine he is lovely. Friends adopted from Ethiophia, I gave them his cookbook on Africa, it seemed fitting and they were happy. They then gave the same book to all their friends who adopted from Ethiopia, it was quite the trend. Lucky you to meet him, his cooking is spectacular, and the recipes in the books work too.


      4. Oh what a great story! Hopefully you will meet him someday 🙂

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