This night was my first night since Monday that I’ve slept in my own bed, and god, it felt so good! I love christmas but after driving from family to family, activity to activity and when I finally landed at home after the traditional boxing-day ice hockey (and we won, that felt even better) I have to admit I felt a bit drained.

But this Christmas have been an amazing one – loads of incredible food, meeting both of our families, being spoiled with such amazing gifts and just being merry.

Christmas table” and starting the day with Santas porridge and the big crossword puzzle in the local newspaper

Christmas eve is called “dunking day” in Sweden, a tradition that comes from dunking stale bread in the cooking liquid from the christmas ham. And more food at the christmas table; eggs, salmon paté and gravlax.

“The cold plate” with eggs, salmon and off course some snaps. Its tradition that you sing a song (a snapsvisa) before you drink, the most famous one should be “Helan går” (freely translated to “bottoms up”). And snow! Finally we have some (a lot) of snow again, it makes me feel like a child!

My dad wanted me to show you his very traditional “warm plate” with bread, prins-sausages, ribs, swedish meatballs, Chritmas ham with mustard and a special cooked “christmas-sausage” that taste like bay leaves.

How do you celebrate christmas where you live? Are there any traditions that are similar to mine? 

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  1. Hello Petra, that story sounds filling and lovely, but also very exhausting. Snaps is not so much a part of our Christmas here, you have a glas after dinner but without the singing! I documented some of my family not so traditional holidays on my blog. No so festive, that´s for sure. I love your blog, it´s very interesting to read. Enjoy your sunday at home! Greetings Gerrit

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    1. Haha, and the singing is the best part! You get to sing cheeky, not always suitable naughty songs 😉 I didn’t know you had a blog, I always keep my eyes open for your recipes on the sorted-app but I’m looking forward to reading your blog! And I’m so glad you like mine, always makes me smile when someone likes it! Have a great holiday and a happy new year!


  2. Jam says:

    Hope you had a great Christmas. If this post is anything to go by, I’d say you did! I did a roast beef and roasted chicken with all the ‘trimmings’ which sounds pretty boring compared to your traditional food! 🙂 And we didn’t have any snow 😦 (in London)


    1. It was good, hope yours was great also? I think that sounds amazing, roast is so homely and filling, just like christmas. We have a lot of snow right now but even more ice, its a struggle just to get to the post box right now 😉

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      1. Jam says:

        I had a great Christmas, understated and great food in great company. Just the way I like it 🙂 Roast is VERY filling, true! Watch out for the ice! So dangerous…


  3. adina says:

    Great post, it is very interesting to see how people celebrate and what people eat somewhere else. And I envy you for the snow, we had the warmest Christmas ever around here, it felt more like celebrating Eastern in spring, about 12 degrees Celsius. I am not a big fan of snow anyway but I would love to have a white Christmas again sometimes.


    1. Thank you 🙂 yeah it’s been really warm here as well, and now the snow have started to go away making all streets into ice. It’s a struggle to even get to the post box…


  4. I love that I get to see someone’s Christmas from a different country, totally different but also, kind of the same! Loved this post, hope you are having a great holiday!

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    1. Thank you! Happy new year 🙂


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