This week I spent some time in Stockholm and at Gastro Nord. Gastro Nord is the biggest food and wine trade show in northern Europe. Even though I felt it used to be even bigger than this year, but still, it’s like paradise on Earth for a foodie.


So, what food did I manage to gobble down? Apparently – A whole lot!


This mini-sausage was soo good! The winner of ‘Swedish chef ot the year’ Jimmi Eriksson cooked this at Gastro Nord; a sausage that tasted like bouef bourguignon with mushroom duexelle and lemon-pepper mayo in the Santa Maria showcase.


For lunch; caesar salad, cheese and ham bagel with trocadero (so nostalgic!) at Café Chic. We always come back to this café, its so cosy and have all the traditional Swedish fika.

stockholm och gastro nordstockholm och gastro nord

For dinner the first night we decided to eat at the hotel (which is Hotel Rival) since we were so tired after a whole day at Gastro Nord. I ate blackened salmon, with beetroot creme, kalix bleak roe and smoked creme fraishe for starter and continued with a fennel baked lamb with jerusalem artichoke, black morels and crispy wild garlic. It was seriously one of my best meals ever. Everything was just perfect.

stockholm och gastro nord

To me, when staying at a hotel the best thing usually is the breakfast. And I can’t say this time were different. This is my how my breakfasts looked this trip (I excluded toe one with greek yoghurt with pear jam I ate wobbling in the car somewhere after Nyköping on our way up) – croissants, scrambled egg, salmon and loads of fruit.


The next day we went for an old favorite for lunch – Vigårda. They have the best burgers. I ate the ‘bistro burger’ with truffle-mayo, gruyere and caramelized onion. Yum!


And for ‘fika’ (a must when in Sweden) we went to Winercafeét. It’s a old café that opened 1904 and they have the most amazing sweets. Here we rested our feet together with some cappuccino, bellini and a french macaroon with strawberries, vanilla-cream and chocolate mousse. And yes. It tasted just as good as it looks. And they call you ‘lady’, I think I’m just around 80 years to young to be a lady but it still feels a bit special.


For dinner the second day we revisited Griffins Steakhouse owned by Christian Hellberg (his Instagram is filled with foodie-inspitation, here). Last time we were here we were just blown away by how great it was and we were just as pleased this time. I started the feast with bleak roe tacos with roe from lake Vänern, friend wonton, sour cream and pickled onion. Oh gosh. I died a bit here – such a great Mexican-Asian-Swedish fusion!


And continued the night with grilled Iberico shoulder, red wine reduction, sauce bearnaise (just because the one thing that’s better than sauce – is two sauces), grilled lemon and a salad. Yeah. Let’s say that I wasn’t disappointed, it was perfect!

As you can see – I leave Stockholm a bit heavier (and with some tired feet after the great amount of walking we’ve made) but oh, so happy and just filled with foodie-inspiration. The trade show was great, the shopping pretty amazing (I bought bags of all the spices at the farmers market that I couldn’t pronounce, could be some interesting experimenting) and the food just incredible. I just feel like a spoiled child, so thankful to collect experiences like this to remember.




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  1. Crecynthia says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Thank you so much 🙂


  2. A_Boleyn says:

    Stunning meals … I’m so jealous. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Susslan says:

    Which farmers market and what kind of spices? *curious

    Btw the picks are gorgeous and the food sounded lovely! The lamb Omg❤️


    1. Oh it was one of the indoor ones, I picked up sumac, zaatar, some different Cajun-mixes, a ‘7 spices’, mahlab and one that I can’t remember what it was, haha.

      Thank you so much! The lamb was to tie for! 🙂


  4. Yay ! What a fun time ! That is my kind of place for sure !!! Apart from the delicious foods, I am sure you managed to get interesting bits and pieces from the market ! 🙂


    1. It was so good, such a great pick-me-up and the food was great! Oh, I have no idea what I bought so it could be interesting 😉


  5. pmqfahsggv says:

    With thanks! It is definitely an impressive site!.


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