I got back from Denmark in the beginning of this week where I spent 48 hours together with my whole family to celebrate my parents 60th birthday. Three days where 48 hours was a Denmark-dream, 6 hours spent in the car and 6 hours on a boat trying not to feel too seasick.

Løkken is a real summer-town on the west coast of Denmark and my parents rented a big house so the whole family could all come and celebrate them on their big day(-s). The house had everything from a pingpong-table to a indoor pool where 4 generations had a blast after dinner one of the evenings.


We spent most of the time walking on the beach, drinking wine and eat loads of amazing food. The weather wasn’t the greatest to be honest but I really don’t mind some rain. I just got another excuse to eat more food and hang out with my family basically. One of the evenings my sister made this for dessert. It had a biscuit-base, dulce de leche and sea salt chocolate, we all ate until we couldn’t move anymore!


I did manage to spend some time on the beach, Løkken strand. The first time it was a soaking wet experience when we got caught outside in a horrendous rain. It felt like someone was pouring bathtub after bathtub over us. However, the next time was so much better. We brought a bottle of bubbly things with us and enjoyed it on top of one of the sand dunes. I feel so at peace being whenever I’m around water and this beach was just amazing, you couldn’t even see where it ended and it was only pure sand – no rocks or nothing in sight.



It wasn’t the easiest thing to leave Denmark and my family stayed for a whole week. I was so sad I couldn’t stay with them but I needed to go back to Jönköping for work. I wanted to explore some more in Løkken – I’ve heard there is a sand-church nearby that is supposed to be amazing and I wanted to eat at least one red sausage that Denmark is famous for. Someday I will go back to do this place properly because it somehow managed so nestle itself into my heart quite badly in this short time. So thank you mum and dad (and the 12 other people present) that made these 48 hours amazing, and thank you Denmark – it’s been a pleasure!


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