Just a small tip, if ever visiting Gothenburg pay this candyshop a visit, its epic! They call themselves “4gott” and I think they have three stores around Gothenburg but I’ve only been to the one at Östra Hamngatan 5 just outside the centralstation.


I always joke about getting diabetes just by breathing in the air in here, but its pretty much what it is! They have such an incredible wide selection of candy (the pictures only show about half the store) and everything is really fresh.

Most candy in Sweden are sold like this, maybe not the massiveness of it all, but they way you pick your candy by yourself and then you pay by weight. We call it lösgodis, or “loose-candy”. Pretty much all grocery stores have a “lösgodis-hylla” where the kids pick up their Saturday candy (a expression mening that you only get to eat candy on saturdays, widely used to keep Swedish kids candy-cunsumtion down).

I like candy shopping this way – it means you only pick your favorites and you can choose how much you actually want. The prices vary, but around 79-99 SEK/kg (9.30-11 USD/kg).

In my bag you always will find “sour S”, “punch-cones”, “raspberry-boats” and “sour skulls”


How do you buy candy where you live and what are your favorites?

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  1. I envy you and all Swedes when I see that Candy store. You wont find any of these here in Germany. You buy 200 – 300 g packages of candies in Supermarkets. When I was a kid, the shop across the school sold loose candies, but that was soon dismissed due to “Hygiene”. My favorites are still huge rasberry candies and everything that comes in lemon flavour.


    1. Oh, I love lemon flavored candy also, or yellow ones… This is such a great system, just because you can pic whatever you fancy that day, and just 10 pieces if you only want a sweet treat 🙂


  2. Oh wow ! All that candy !!! That sounds like such a fascinating shop …. wish we had one here in South Africa !


    1. It’s on the verge of being madness, but they have pretty much anything you can imagine; fizzy things, sweet, sour, salty, chocolate… 🙂


  3. ramblingtart says:

    I do love a candy shop, and this one looks amazing!! I’d have to get salted black licorice, and dark chocolate truffles, and several versions of gummi candy. 🙂


    1. Oh, that sounds like a perfect mix! I have some licorice problems, haha, I love the salt but not the actual candy 😉


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